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Smart Application – Fan Control and Dimmer Switch

ENERLITES 17001-F3-W is a dual switch that allows for fan speed and light dimming control. The switch not only provides the user the option to customize their ambience, but it also reduces energy consumption and increases the bulb’s lifespan. Installation is made simple as each switch comes pre-wired ready to be installed. This switch works perfectly for all settings whether it be at home or in the work place!

Dual Feature Control

Have the convenience to independently adjust both the fan speed and the light to a desired brightness with one simple device. Works perfectly for all settings whether you are trying to improve your home or office space.

Energy Saving

Save money by reducing your energy consumption and increasing the life span of your light bulbs. Dimming your lights by half increases your savings by approximately 40 percent!

Fan Control from Your Wall

Pull chains are a thing of the past, with this device simply move the slider to “high” to increase fan speed and move it to “low” to decrease the speed, not for variable speed fans.

Easy Installation

All switches are easily installed as they come with pre-wired leads. The 17001-F3-W is compatible with standard decorator wall plates (sold separately).

* Compatible with dimmable LED, incandescent, and halogen lights. For mechanical fans with pull string speed control.
* Dual slide controls; Slider for fan is 3 speeds (not for variable type fans or remote controlled), slider for lights provides for smooth dimming with a noticeable click off when moving slider past the dimmest position. 
* Made of polycarbonate thermoplastic material to provide durability and resilience to withstand hard impacts and heavy force. 
* Pre-wired with leads for easy do-it-yourself installation. 
* Max ceiling fan load of 2.5A (3-speed fans only), max light load of (300W incandescent); make sure LED bulbs are the dimmable type; ETL Listed, 1-year warranty, wall plates sold separately.