Types Of GFCI Outlets

Standard GFCI Outlet

Protect your home and business from dangerous ground faults that occurs when an electrical current travels through an abnormal path to the ground. Monitor the flowing current through hot and neutral conductors to determine if there is any leaking from the current. Standard GFCI outlets will trip and quickly turn off power if the leakage reaches a dangerous level. Always remember that the law required the installation GFCI's in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements and outdoors.

Tamper Resistant (TR) GFCI Outlet

  • Can be used in place of conventional 15-amp and 20-amp outlets
  • Required by 2008 National Electrical Code for use in new construction or renovation
  • Protects children from electrical injury with a built-in shutter mechanism that blocks insertion of most small objects; shutters only open when a properly rated electrical plug is inserted
  • Permanent once installed, offering continuous protection, unlike plastic outlet caps that can be removed

Weather Resistant (WR) GFCI Outlet

  • Required by the 2008 National Electrical Code in damp or wet locations, such as patios, decks and pool areas, or any other residential outdoor location
  • Available in 15- and 20-amp sizes
  • Built with UV-stabilized thermoplastic; corrosion-resistant
  • Choose from combined weather/tamper-resistant outlets or weather-resistant GFCIs with or without tamper-resistance

Note: Outlets in damp or wet locations should always be installed with weather-resistant covers.