Color Temperature of LED R30 and BR30 Bulbs

Replace incandescent and CFL reflector bulbs with the LED BR30 bulbs from Available in a range of color temperatures which affect how a warm or cool a space feels like. The lower the Kelvin (K) number, the warmer, more orange or yellow, the light out; the higher the number, the bluer the light looks. If you want to match the incandescent look then 2700K is your best bet. Whereas if you are looking for a brighter white or task lighting applications you should consider 4000K and above.

Where to use LED BR30 and R30 Bulbs

BR30 and R30 LED bulbs are directional lights. Unlike the outdates incandescent or halogen lights that comes equipped with an internal reflector that push the light outward. They are commonly used in track lighting, recessed can lights and in outdoor flood lights they they are wet-location rated. While BR20 bulbs have a narrower beam angle, the BR30 bulbs are more versatile. The most common beam angle from BR30s is 120-degrees and you can find narrower beam angles without having the step down the size. BR30s are good for wall washing / gazing techniques. This is a popular technique used in museums and art galleries making a space a more dramatic look. Bulbs with a high color rendering index (CRI) brings out true colors of an object and is most noticeable on skin tones and reds. For example, track lighting for an artwork might need a high CRI BR30 bulb but wall grazing might not.