Interchangeable Trims

Interchangeable Trims

Installation is a breeze with these interchangeable trims for LED downlights. This patent-pending trim light cover clips on existing compatible LED downlights and is available in many configurations including; 4-inch or 6 inch, round or square, black, nickel satin or oil rubbed bronze finishes.

How to Install Trim Covers for LED downlights

  1. Please make sure to wipe the face of the can kit module clean before installing the trim
  2. Place the unit on a clean surface or on top of a cloth or towel to prevent scratches
  3. Place the colored trim over white base trim
  4. Using a flat screw driver, depress the four tabs (press on, then the one across the opposite side)
  5. Press all four tabs until trim is secure and tabs are 90 degrees flat

Caution: Do not attempt to pry the tabs back up which can cause them to break.