JA8 Compliant Bulbs

What is JA8 and Why Do I Need JA8 Bulbs?

Title 24 lighting regulations were revised in California to ensure that lighting is more energy efficient. The revised regulations, called JA8, took effect in January 2017 and are for new construction, renovations, and additions to both residential and commercial buildings. To ensure that your lighting meets these new standards in the state of California, purchase these JA8 compliant bulbs and fixtures. JA8 compliant lighting consists primarily of LED lamps that have been tested to meet higher efficiency standards. They have been approved by the state of California and registered with the California Energy Commissions (CEC).

What Are the New Requirements?

JA8 requirements are numerous, so here is a brief run though of the most important parts:

  • All light fixtures that have a screw-based socket, such as a medium (E26) or candelabra (E12), must use JA8 bulbs.
  • Enclosed fixtures must use LED bulbs rated to handle higher temperatures.
  • Downlights must be rated for contact with insulation (Type IC or IC-rated) and cannot have a screw based socket.
  • Lighting in bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, and utility rooms, must have at least one light paired with a vacancy sensor.

Regulations for outdoor lighting are stricter. Wall mounted lights must be controlled by one of these combinations: photocell and motion sensor, astronomical time clock or EMCS with the features of an astronomical time clock, or a photocell and time switch. The control must not allow the light to be on during the day at all. However, you can program the light to turn off during the night.

These new Title 24 lighting regulations apply to permanently installed fixtures such as ceiling lights, under cabinet lighting, ceiling fan lights, and track lighting. They do not apply to fixtures such as table lamps and floor lamps. These types of fixtures are considered "portable luminaries" since they are plugged in with a cord and can be moved around. However, if you have a portable luminaire that is mounted in similar fashion to permanently installed fixtures, it will fall under Title 24 lighting. Other fixtures that are exempt from JA8 are those that accept a GU24 base or that use compact fluorescent bulbs.

What Are the Benefits of JA8 Compliant Bulbs?

There are several benefits to using JA8 bulbs, including a longer life span and low heat generation. Some JA8 bulbs and other Title 24 lighting may qualify for rebates. Rebates can be offered through the state or through utility companies depending on where you live. JA8 bulbs are required in the state of California, but others can enjoy the benefits as well since they are more energy efficient. Other states tend to follow California's energy regulations within a few years, so your state may require them soon.

JA8 products also have a color rendering index of 90 or higher. Color rendering index (CRI) is the measure of how well the light source is able to accurately portray colors. It's measured on a scale from zero, being the lowest, to 100, being the highest and the closest to sunlight. The higher the CRI, the brighter and more vivid the colors will appear. Bulbs with a high CRI of 90 or more are commonly used by galleries and museums to illuminate art work and sculptures. They can also be used in high end retail and grocery stores to help displays of produce and merchandise look more appealing to customers.

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