LED Tubes

Which LED Tube Should I choose?

LED tubes in general are a better alternative to fluorescent tubes due to their higher efficiency, energy savings and longer life hours. They are also environmentally friendly because they don't contain mercury. Over the years, fluorescent tube manufacturers have developed various sizes and types. The most common are, T8 4-ft (48 inch long and 1 inch diameter), T12 4-ft (48 inch long and 1.5 inch diameter) and T5 4-ft. (45.8 inch long 0.6 inch diameter. They come in different lengths but these are the most common. LED tube lights replicate these dimension to be a true retrofit replacements and they are usually named the same as well (e.g: 4-foot T8 LED tube light).

If you are looking to replace fluorescent lights in your home or office then LED tubes should be on your list. These lights typically save around 50% in energy costs when compared to a fluorescent tube. They also provide a better color rendering, require less maintenance and burn out less frequently with up to 50,000 lifetime hours. When making the switch to LED, don’t get caught up on wattage equivalent, instead, look at the lumens produced by the LED tube and consider the height of your fixture. For office spaces with ceiling height at around 10-12 feet, 4 foot tubes with 1800 lumens or less are the most popular. Also, you can control the ambiance of a room by choosing the desired color temperature. On the other hand, for higher

ceilings that use high bay fixtures or strip lights, LED tube light with over 1800 lumens offer the brightest output.

Here are some considerations to make when choosing the right LED tube:

1) Length

It is important to figure how long the tubes are first. The most common length is 4 feet. However, T5 LED tubes are a few inches shorter than a typical T8 therefore the next step is figuring out if you have a T5 or a T8 fixture.

2) Application

If you don't already know what type of fixture you have, then just measure the distance between 2 opposite tombstones, if its 48"-ish then you need a T8 LED tube light if its 45.8"-ish then you need a T5 LED tube light.

3) Type

LED tubes are separated into 3 different types: Ballast Bypass (aka direct wire or Type A), Ballast Compatible (Type A) and Hybrid (Type A+B). As these names suggests, the first type bypasses the ballast by either removing the ballast and switching the tombstones to non-shunted. Basic re-wiring is required. The second type is compatible with existing ballasts (please confirm the type of ballast currently installed.) The third and final type is a mix of both, can be used with or without a ballast. If you still have any questions please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team.