2 Ft. LED T8 Tubes

LED T8 Bulbs - 2 ft.

Switch from fluorescent T8 tubes to the energy saving LED T8 tubes. Retrofit existing recessed bay with T8 LEDs from RecessedLightingDirect.com. Please note that some older direct wire T8 LEDs require a certified electrician, whereas a ballast compatible T8 bulbs are designed to work in a plug-n-play fashion with you existing fluorescent ballast. Contact us directly with your questions and we will assist you in choosing the right LED T8 lamps.

What is Direct Wire ballast bypass lighting Lighting?

Direct wire ballast bypass LED lighting, or UL Type B, solution works directly from the line voltage flowing into the sockets. The retrofitting process for Type B linear LEDs involves removing any existing electrical ballasts and verifying that the fixture has non-shunted sockets.

Below is a picture of the differences between shunted and non-shunted fluorescent socket types. It is imperative that the proper sockets be used with the LED type B lamp. With this lighting solution the fixture has been altered from it’s original state. It is very important that the fixture be relabeled explaining that direct wire ballast bypass LED UL type B lamps have been installed.

What is Plug and Play Ballast Operated LED Lighting?

A plug and play ballast operated LED light, or UL Type A, solution swaps out existing linear fluorescent lamps for LED plug and play lamps. Plug and Play ballast operated LED T8 and T5 lamps make upgrading to LED easy. Using the UL Type A plug and play LED lamps, users can replace existing T8 or T5 fluorescent lamps with without re-wiring, because the lamp uses the existing electronics. This led lighting solution greatly reduces maintenance and labor costs. This LED lighting solution is ideal for users focused on maximizing the value of an existing ballast investment. These energy-saving LED solutions seamlessly fit into existing linear fluorescent fixtures without any extra effort and utilize the existing ballasts, thus requiring no re-wiring upon installation.

To properly retrofit your fixture you must verify which type lamp you have installed and the ballast type that is operating it. If you have T8 fluorescent lamps installed in your ceiling troffers you will need to verify you are running on a manufacturer approved Instant start ballast and that you have non-shunted sockets in the fixture.

For T12 applications where you have 1.5 inch diameter lamps and most applications you will also have shunted sockets. For T5 & T5HO applications there are plug and play options that work on the existing 2 or 4 lamp ballast. In T5HO applications always verify that the ballast will operate the LED lamps.