U-Bend LED T8 Bulbs

LED U-bend tubes come with either 6-inch or 1.625-inch leg spacing, and operate more efficiently than their fluorescent counterparts. These tubes are commonly used in 2x2 fixtures in retail stores, offices, hospitals, and other locations. Tubes with a shatter-resistant coating meeting NSF requirements can be used in restaurants and in food prep areas. Some tubes can be paired with dimmers, allowing you to adjust the light output as needed. For potential state or local rebates, look for LED U-bend tubes that are DLC listed.

If you want an easy installation requiring no rewiring or replacing sockets, choose LED U-bends that are plug-and-play. If the ballast is compatible, these tubes simply plug into the fixture. Another option is to eliminate ballast maintenance costs by picking a direct wire LED U-bend. These tubes operate directly off of the line voltage, so the ballast must be removed and the existing sockets replaced with non-shunted lampholders. Be sure to pay attention to the enclosed fixture rating, as some LED U-bends cannot be used in fully enclosed fixtures.