Security Lights

Security Lights

Improve safety and your ability to monitor the property at night by adding security lights. offers a range of options that can be wall mounted, poll mounted, or placed on the ground. Some of the fixtures come with built in motion sensors and all of the lights are compatible with photocells to save energy and increase the lifespan of the fixture.

Where to Install Security Lights

Install the lights in hard to reach areas to minimize vandalism or tampering. It's important to have even light distribution, especially if using camera which have trouble picking up areas with high contrast shadows. Rather than selecting a few very bright lights, use multiple medium brightness fixtures spread evenly around the perimeter or location. This lower light level will also be easier on the eyes of people entering or exiting the building and drivers in the parking lot.

Some of the exterior adjustable flood light fixtures have a built in photocell, but any of them can be connected to a remotely installed photo controls. This is particularly important for south facing walls. In the northern hemisphere, photocells facing south are exposed to the most direct sunlight, meaning they burn out or fail at a higher than average rate. Ideally, the photocells face north and can be connected to south facing lights. This provides the most balanced on-off cycles. East facing photocells cause lights to turn on and off earlier while west facing photocells turn lights on and off late. 

How to Select the Right Security Lighting

For parks and store entrances, a warmer color temperature light is more inviting. For banks, ATMs, and high security locations, cooler color temperatures are preferred as it gives camera better visibility. The type of fixture you'll want is dependent in part on location. LED wall packs and wall lights are designed for the sides of buildings, while LED flood lights can be mounted to polls for parking lot lighting or parks. Battery powered security lights are easier to install, but require more maintenance than hard wired fixtures.