Screwless Decorator Wall Plate kit by Enerlites SI8831-W-10PCS Child Safe Outlet Cover for Rocker GFCI Light Timer Dimmer Switches, 1-Gang Standard Size, Unbreakable Plastic Material, White (10 Pack)

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Four Bros Lighting WDW - Decorator Wall Plate - White - 1 Gang

These easy Snap-On screwless wall plates are ideal to retrofit any decorator installation for contractors to use, meanwhile it significantly enhances safety for children especially when installed with a GFCI outlet. 

Enerlites screwless wall plate includes two pieces:

  • Sub plate to mount to your device
  • Cover plate to snap onto the sub plate

The inner plate mounts to your device just like any standard wall plate, but has a second cover plate that will snap on with easy by simply lining the cover plate up, and applying pressure. Installing these wall plates is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

These cover plates are designed to be child proof and prevent children from gaining access to any hazards your outlets and switches may pose. By adding a Tamper Resistant (TR) outlet receptacle or blank insert adapter, you will decrease the chance of electrical accidents in your home.

How It Works
Enerlites TR outlets have protected blade sockets that prevent foreign objects from plugging into the holes. This safety feature blocks both openings from electrical currents, and still allows power cords to be inserted with ease.

By replacing your standard outlet with both a GFCI (Ground fault circut interrupter) outlet and Enerlites screwless wall plates you can rest assured your children will be safer from electrical accidents.

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