LED Elevator Light

Upgrade Your Building’s Elevator Light Bulbs with LEDs

Keeping your elevator well-lit at all times is absolutely necessary, and using the right elevator light bulbs is essential. Elevators typically use low voltage reflector lamps, but these days, many building owners are opting for LEDs instead. Our high-quality LED bulbs are a directly replacement for outdated elevator lights.

Choose from a wide selection of reliable LED lights, and enjoy significant savings for many years to come.

Why Switch Over to LEDs?

If you haven’t changed your elevator light bulbs in a while, you may not be aware of the better options that are available. Here are just a few reasons why switching to elevator LEDs makes sense:

  • LEDs can save as much as 90% in energy costs
  • LEDs are sturdier and more resistant to vibrations
  • Significantly longer lifespan means less time and money spent on maintenance
  • LEDs produce virtually zero heat for a comfortable elevator temperature