LED Retrofit Bulbs

LED Retrofit Lamps for HID Systems

Designing a well-lit space that is also energy efficient is easy with LED retrofit lamps from Four-Bros.com. Here you can find wall packs, high and low-bay lamps, high-bay pendant fixtures, post tops and high-power PAR38 lights to consider. When you are working with high ceilings and are in need of downlights, choose high-bay retrofit lamps that work well in spaces like warehouses or large retail stores. Wall pack and post-top retrofit lamps are ideal for any application where you would typically use an HID fixture. PAR38 retrofit lights are great to use in lighting applications for recessed, flood and spot lighting. If you have any questions or need help narrowing down your search, our knowledgeable in-house staff would be happy to help!

LED Corn Lights

Replace metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps with these LED corn bulbs. Save enery and lower your utility bill with the long-lasting LED corn lights. Traditional HID lamps need more frequent maintenance and re-lamping compared to these LED retrofits. Choose from a wide range of lumen output, LED corn cov lamps product the same (and sometimes higher) light output than their counterpart HID light bulbs. In addition, LED retrofits have high lumen maintenance than standard metal halide lamps meaning that MH bulbs lose quicker.